Together Founded in 2014

We are here to build authentic connections between brands and people through experience design.

Together we'll design

Marketing strategy
  • We create effective communication strategies at traditional and modern customer-brand touchpoints and create a detailed plan for the implementation.
  • We create an omnichannel strategy, i.e. a technological and strategic combination of different sales and customer service channels. We design user experience across all brand contact channels.

  • We uncover the true needs and motivations of customers. We identify potential audiences that the brand can reach.
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Interface Design
  • We optimize customer paths that describe the process of user interaction with a service. We perform usability studies of websites and applications.
  • We develop mobile and web applications, designing the experience and user interface (UX and UI). We optimize internal service delivery processes.

  • We build products from scratch, responding to the real needs of the audience. We use Google Design Thinking methodology, in the processes of creating new solutions.
  • We support companies in carrying out digital transformation by developing the strategy for the digital ecosystem.
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Our team Talents from different horizons share their vision and knowledge